I found an injured mammal


Your personal safety is first and foremost.

If the animal has been hit by a car, attacked by a cat or dog, and, an adult can safely do so, a helping hand is appreciated.

Gloves are recommended. If you do not have gloves use fabric such as a towel, T-shirt, or whatever fabric you may have on hand.  

Cover the injured animal as this will reduce stress and assist in protecting yourself.

When a mammal is covered, depending on the species, they may still move or struggle, however it will be reduced as compared to not covering the animal as you are reducing the fear of the animal by blocking their vision.

Never pick an animal up by the tail.

If the animal is an adult rabies vector: raccoon, fox, coyote or skunk please contact authorities for assistance.

An injured animal will try to defend itself.  Do not pick the animal up unless you can safely do so.  If you are bitten or scratched, and the animal is a rabies vector it will have to be tested for rabies.  So, do not risk yourself as you are also jeopardizing the animal’s life.

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Remember if you cannot contain safely, contact authorities for assistance or call the hotline at, 972-234-9453.

Please reference our “Quick Tips” for instructions on containing, transporting, providing life saving heat, and finding a wildlife rehabiliutator.